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McCain’s Sort Of GI Bill

Posted: 27th May 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I saw that really white older guy running for president on tv tonight talking about something about called a GI bill. Now you would think this country would be all about giving a big wet kiss to our soldiers for sucking it up and going over to that sandy part of the world to fight […]

Hard Working White People

Posted: 22nd May 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

It just keeps slapping all the smarty pants Obama people in the face and I keep thinking why don’t I feel that good when Hillary wins another state with mostly not so book smart voters? I mean with her reminding us hard working not black people that we need her to watch out for us […]

Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos

Posted: 15th May 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I guess everyone knows about this “operation chaos” thing of Rush Limbaugh’s. I heard he thinks he’s holding the remote control for this Hillary vs. Obama battle going down. Says he has made thousands of ditto faces vote for her cuz it messes him up. Don’t know for sure if this hillbilly heroin junkie’s high […]

Why Should Hillary Quit?

Posted: 9th May 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

Is it just me or does it seem a bit much for everyone on tv and in the newspapers to now be dogging Hillary Clinton? Ok, sure she’s like 16-31 against Obama so far but she can’t win them all. Why do people keep saying these delegate thingy’s are so important? She’s freaking Hillary Clinton! […]

My eHarmony Date

Posted: 5th May 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I never thought I would like be such a loser that I had to use some dating company to be my pimp but that’s where I find myself right now. A long time ago it seemed like I might do ok with girls. I mean in Jr. high I was kinda popular. At dances I […]