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Obama’s Got F*** You Money!

Posted: 23rd June 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

It’s good that I watched Hannity’s America this week or I wouldn’t have known that Obama broke a pinkie swear. Guess he is doing something he said he wasn’t going to do and Sean was foaming at the mouth about it. It’s all about the cash. Isn’t it always? It seems Obama has a butt […]

No Ring For Kobe

Posted: 19th June 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

Was I the only very, very, very happy person who watched the Celtics smash Kobe’s Lakers and put them out of their misery the other night? I doubt it. Ok, maybe the slobs you see in the line at Sizzler who scarf up all the good toppings for their sorta ice cream or the dudes […]

Obama’s Terrorist Fist Bump

Posted: 10th June 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I just saw on FOX  NEWS Barack Obama is a terrorist. I used to really like him but now I just don’t know. It’s hard to be an American and even sorta like a maybe Muslim suicide bomber. This almost cute blonde lady on FOX showed some video of him doing a fist bump with […]

Sexy In A City

Posted: 3rd June 2008 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

Man I gotta tell you, every female I walked by in the Safeway today was talking about this movie about a bunch of chicks from New York City. I guess they were in some cable tv show and now they got their own movie. Now I know a bunch of other dudes from tv have […]