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The Scary Black People On FOX NEWS

Posted: 29th July 2010 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

When I was little whenever the face of that wicked witch on the Wizard Of Oz would come on the tv I would start feeling really scared. Don’t know exactly why cuz she doesn’t like murder a ton of people and munch on their livers or anything. In fact I don’t think she even kills […]

LeBron’s Got Next

Posted: 20th July 2010 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I get it now. It took me a few days to figure it out but I guess it sorta makes sense. I mean as long as he knows every slow, overweight slob with no J (ok, like me) at Y’s everywhere will totally hate him to his grave then it’s all good. Who would ever […]

Russian Spies?

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

I finally did make it down to the library and was able to snag my favorite computer, the one by the ladies room. It’s almost as good as sitting next to the ladies room at bars cuz sooner or later you get to check out every woman in the place, more than once if they’re […]