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Ayn Rand Wasn’t Totally Mean & Selfish!

Posted: 24th May 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I finally looked up this dead lady at the library I’ve been hearing about so much. Her name is Ayn Rand. Actually most of what I’ve heard about her is from this guy who stands outside of the 7-11 I buy most of my beer from. He usually has these hand made signs he holds […]

Now Get The Teachers!

Posted: 5th May 2011 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized

Well we got him. Not in some cave but in a ritzy pad and yeah, maybe it did take 10 years or so but BFD he’s history and now we can move on. So who’s next? I say we should at least take a look at those damn teachers out there whining about everything. It’s […]