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So I get it that guns are more important to white guys than almost anything other than porn. Don’t even tease them that the government might want to write down at least a serial number or something on bazookas and flame throwers cuz they will go ape shit on you. Didn’t everyone other than maybe […]


Posted: 18th April 2013 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Its official, I am kinda lonely again. I am not embarrassed to say I sort of wouldn’t mind meeting someone to like go to the movies or try deep sea fishing with. The problem is how tough it is finding someone after your early 20’s. Then it was a piece of cake. Women in those […]

Who would have thought someone wanting to settle down and get hitched would be causing such a ruckus these days? Whether a person loves someone of the opposite sex, the same or are even into one of those Poly something’s (???) don’t we want to say go ahead and freaking buy the rings, cake and […]