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The Sell Out Episode

Posted: 28th April 2014 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Listen & Share The “Commercials R Us” Episode featuring from Insomniac with Dave Attell and his new show on Comedy Central, Comedy Underground, Writer/Producer/Actor Dave Attell. From his Laugh It Off! Podcast, you know him as “The LoveMaster”, Actor/Writer/Author/Producer Craig Shoemaker. Seattle Seahawks documentary “Super Bowl XLVII Champions” NFL Films, Director/Producer Kevin Bushman (Go Hawks!) […]

Listen-Watch-Share this week’s episode featuring someone you’ve seen him in numerous movies & TV shows such as Semi-Pro Movie, She’s Out Of My League, Kroll Show, Upright Citizens Brigade and the new critically acclaimed Comedy Central show Review, he’s actor/producer/writer Andy Daly. You remember her from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Biggest Loser, & Phineas […]

When the buzzer sounds and the clock reads 00:00 most people generally agree the game is over. Occasionally one can argue if maybe somebody scored right before or as time expired but nobody except psychopath’s will actually push for the game to keep going. That seems to be the case now with FOX NEWS and […]

isten-Watch-Share this week’s episode “The De-Evolution of Man” that features producer/actor/writer George Lopez from The George Lopez Show Page, Lopez Tonight, and FX’s Saint George. He was an executive producer & writer on The Simpsons, he’s hilarious, & he filmed his comedy special “I Know It’s Wrong” right here in Seattle at The Neptune Theatre […]

“The Facebook Addiction Episode” featuring actor Jim O’Heir, you know him as Garry/Larry/Jerry Gergich from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In honor of the passing of musician Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus from GWAR, Spud pays tribute by re-airing our recent interview with him. Musical guest: from NBC’s The Voice, Stephanie Anne Johnson. Don’t forget to […]