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The Spud Goodman Radio Show presents “The Fox News Blondes Episode” featuring Comedian/Podcast host Adam Carolla, The Man Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Hammer. Actor Harland Williams, Half Baked, Dumb and Dumber. Job of the Week, Criminal Defense Attorney Jim Turner. Musical guest: Blanco Bronco. And don’t forget to hang around for The Post Show […]

The Sales Manager Episode – Features Actor, Writer, Comedian David Alan Grier, In Living Color, Chocolate News. Actor,Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, Aladdin, Comedy Central Roast. Musical Guest: Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount. It’s Tv on the Radio…. (The Episode link is directly above the music video)

The “Co” Co-Host Episode features Actor Cheech Marin, Cheech and Chong, Up In Smoke, Nash Bridges, The Lion King, and Cars. Comedian Margaret Cho, Face/Off, and Drop Dead Diva. Musical guest Red Jacket Mine. Don’t forget to hang around for The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on the Radio… – Link to episode […]

You just know when someone keeps raising the volume of their non-stop white noise to garner attention something icky is going to be communicated. The challenge regarding one Dr. Keith Ablow is sifting through the piles of refuse he has dumped on the general public via the Fox News & Fox Business channels along with […]