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“The Dinner Episode” (Aired 9-23-15) Featuring Actor Sinbad, Jingle All The Way, First Kid, Good Burger, Planes the movie. ActorAndy Dick, NewsRadio, The Lion King 2, The Cable Guy, Road Trip. Conservative Talk Show Host Michael Reagan. Musical guest: Vanilla. And don’t forget about The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on Radio!

The Spud Goodman Show presents “The Fantasy Football League Episode” (Aired 9-17-15) Featuring Actor/Brian Posehn, New Girl, Fantastic 4, Devil’s Rejects, Surf’s Up. Comedian Jake Johannsen, appeared on Letterman 45 times! Sally Morgan “Psychic Sally” former personal psychic to Princess Diana. Musical guest: Mutiny Mutiny. It’s TV on Radio!

“The Ashley Madison Episode” (Aired 9-10-15) Featuring Actor/comedian The Real Christopher Titus; Comedy Central “Review” star Andrew Daly , Psychic Ted Mahr and Musical Guest: Jessica Domingo. Designated Laugher Gina can hardly contain her Schadenfreude when Spud learns that Gerald may be a customer of that notorious cheaters’ web site. Don’t forget to stick around […]