The Hate Pass

Posted: 1st April 2015 by Spike Jensen in humor, Political Satire
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In my life I have found it’s always helpful to have a free pass in your hip pocket before jumping into a heated battle of words and deeds. The sort of pass that allows you to say or do something that might normally upset others but with this chit you pay no price personally or professionally. It is of course very unusual and may only come your way a few times in your adult existence so savor it when it is in play. This is how the current residents of the states of Indiana and Arkansas must feel right now. Or should I say the homophobes there now playing the religious persecution card. They now have the legal option to just say no in terms of basic rights to people they find objectionable per their lifestyles. For the record, this is not some country in that sandy part of the world or even our ex cold war foe Russia, we are talking about states in the USA in 2015. Stunning yes but with the current make up of GOP state legislatures and governorships it is a logical extension of what this party has made a priority of in their platform. The gist of it is let’s turn the clock back as far as possible, cross our fingers and wait for the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. Most of the solid 4 conservatives and swinger Justice Kennedy will surely crack under the current momentum of this countries evolution to support basic human rights for all people and will in the end leave only the 2 cavemen (Scalia & his Tonto Clarence Thomas) clinging for all they are worth to the dark ages.

As I really had no understanding of the inner turmoil private sector religious conservatives had been dealing with having to treat LGBT consumers like humans beings this has been an eye opener. Fighting for the right to say no to a gay man or woman buying a wedding cake, flowers or maybe renting a hotel room? It seems the opportunity to play Mr. Peabody and jump into “The Way Back Machine” is undeniably alluring for this group of Americans. They wish for a return to the early 20th century so bad they can taste it. Maybe almost as bad as ISIS is longing for the 12th century. What’s up with all the clamoring for the “good old days?” I’m pretty sure even the evangelical Christians who deem homosexuality more offensive than homicide don’t long for the days of the plague and locust infestations so they best be careful for what they wish for right now. Sure they could get a roll back on the rules of how we legally treat each other in this country but when that box is opened some may not appreciate a few other previously held positions being rolled back out too. I will submit slavery into evidence as my initial example of such. Oh wait, on second thought that may still have limited appeal in some regions of this country so scratch that one. In lieu of that then how about child labor laws? Though I know with day care prices these days there might actually be a slice of society that lusts for the days when kids did something more useful than playing video games all day but after the first few kids croak in the coal mines the blow back on both CNN and MSNBC would be significant so that issue will probably remain dormant for the time being.

If this “Hate Pass” thing catches on in blue states too then it could get really interesting as I can see maybe New York passing a law allowing businesses to refuse service to anyone with a mullet or maybe California fast food establishments refusing to serve anyone in a pick-up truck coming through the drive thru’s with a confederate flag somewhere on their license plate. The pay back mentality will be tough to reject initially but I am in hopes that common decency will prevail. Don’t get me wrong here, as satisfying as it would be to deny service to someone flying the flag of the confederate army it’s just not the right thing to do because of that stupid constitution. Yes that document is about all we have to save us from our own version of the Taliban and a prime example of such would be state legislator Sylvia Allen (R) of Arizona who discussed a potential bill that would mandate compulsory church attendance. She evidently felt this would be just what this country needs to return to the halcyon days of the 1950’s before our moral erosion. Not quite sure what was so special about that decade Sylvia, a member of the Mormon faith was referring to but it does seem to be a common theme with those who wish to possess a “Hate Pass.” I do sorta remember her faith in that era was big on black people being the devils creation and thus unfit for church participation. Not sure you would pick that up from current church pamphlets being dropped on your doorstep by wandering youth on bicycles so maybe keep that one in the back of your mind whenever the Sylvia Allen’s of your state try to force you into “The Way Back Machine” too. The past is highly over rated in my opinion so my recommendation is to stay in the here and now. I mean who really needs to see a re-run of flat tops, cardigan sweaters and malt shops? Not me. Later.