About Spike

By Spike Jensen

Spike Jensen is a resident of the state of Washington and a semi recluse but not by choice. He has had difficulty since birth relating to fellow humans as he was shunned by his mother at age 12 due to his excessive need for attention, i.e. food, touch, acceptance, etc. Later in life he discovered the wonders of the internet where even less than ordinary looking people like him can find others who don’t feel he is a waste of human flesh. Since starting his column MYPOV many years ago Spike now has over 4 people he can accurately describe as friends and he owes it all to the inclusive online world. He continues to write about stuff that bugs him and stuff that he likes. If you find yourself not digging Spike much after reading his column do not feel like it would be a bad thing to send him a nasty comment about what he has to say. After accepting his mothers rejection long ago he has learned what does not kill him makes him maybe cry for awhile but after a couple days he comes back for more. So tell him what you think.