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“The Eternal Youth Episode” – Spud admits he probably peaked as a human being in the 9th grade. Guests include, Actor/Author Robert Wagner, Austin Powers, Two and a Half Men, Hart to Hart, “I Loved Her in the Movies”, Comedian/Host Jordan Klepper, Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, The Daily Show. Musical Guests: Spirit […]

The “Loyalty Pledge” Episode. Spud demands an on-air pledge of loyalty from show staff. Making The Spud Goodman Show Great Again! Featuring Comedian Jordan Klepper, Comedy Central The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, The Daily Show. Musician/Author Patty Schemel, “Hits So Hard” Drummer from Hole. Musical guest: Kye Alfred Hillig It’s TV on Radio! El episodio […]

“The Stalker Sequel Episode” (Aired 4-13-17) Featuring Actor T.J. Miller, Comedy Central’s The Gorburger Show, Deadpool, Silicon Valley, Big Hero 6, How To Slay Your Dragon. Actor Kevin Nealon, Man with a Plan, SNL, Weeds, Blended. Actress Judy Greer, FXX’s Archer, Ant-Man, Jurassic World, Portlandia, Masters of Sex, FX’s Married. Musical Guest: Juliet Tango It’s […]

“The Ashley Madison Episode” (Aired 9-10-15) Featuring Actor/comedian The Real Christopher Titus; Comedy Central “Review” star Andrew Daly , Psychic Ted Mahr and Musical Guest: Jessica Domingo. Designated Laugher Gina can hardly contain her Schadenfreude when Spud learns that Gerald may be a customer of that notorious cheaters’ web site. Don’t forget to stick around […]

The Spud Goodman Radio Show presents “The Candidate” episode featuring Actor/ JB Smoove, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Top Five, Date Night. Actor/ David Koechner, Anchorman, Saturday Night Live, The Office. Musical Guest: Shotgun Kitchen Don’t forget to hang around for The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on the Radio….

Listen & Watch Now – As broadcast on NWCZ Radio 7-10-14. You know him from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, The Bill Engvall Show, and Dancing with the Stars, Actor/Writer/Producer Bill Engvall. You’ve seen him on The Late Show with David Letterman, the comedy documentary The Aristocrats, and many Comedy Central Specials, Actor/Writer/Producer […]

The Spud Goodman Radio Show’s “Spanish 101” Episode features the star of the critically acclaimed Comedy Central new show “Review” Andy Daly. Radio Personality/Actor/Comedian from KZOK 102.5 & The Danny Bonaduce Show, Danny Bonaduce Musical guest: Trees and Timber (See Video Link). But wait there’s more, don’t forget to hang around for The Post Show […]