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I used to sort of like this time of year. I think that pretty much stopped when I grew up and had to make all these decisions about where my family and friends rated on that holiday food chain thingy. Like who deserves a present, a card, an email or just a quick “Merry Christmas” […]

I know this thing has been tried before but with re makes of anything that was even a tiny bit popular way back there’s always someone who thinks it just might work better the second time around. At least they can hope. Pretty sure most people on the Blue side saw this one coming on […]

Some Say ……..

Posted: 28th October 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Doesn’t everyone know someone who just cannot keep a secret? You know, buddy (1) tells another buddy (2) 4 minutes ago that he sorta would like to hook up with another buddies (3) ex-girlfriend he just dumped when you get a call from buddy (4) who just read a text from buddy (2) and asks […]

The Baby Stepper

Posted: 19th October 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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After looking at those Poll thingy’s today I know there is a chance that Mitt Romney could actually be the next President of the United States of America. I also know in life there are times where you just have to suck it up. Deal with something not fun happening without crying like a little […]

Sometimes it’s sorta fun to see something happen that is supposed to be so bad just to find out if it really is as horrible as everyone said it would be. Now the down side is of course when it turns to be a real bummer or worse but watching it is still major guilty […]

Now I know why all those dudes at the Republican convention had man crushes on that Paul Ryan guy. When Mitt Romney picked him as his VP I sorta yawned and said just another boring white guy but was I ever wrong on that one! Besides being really, really good looking he is a whole […]

Hide & Seek The Taxes

Posted: 9th August 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I get it that nobody wants to pay more taxes than they have to. But there is what I have to pay and what I have to pay if no one is looking. I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney right now really regrets what he actually paid cuz just about every person who is not a […]

Sometimes you think you know enough about stuff to get by in life. Like if you get into a discussion with someone about something other than last night’s Sports Center’s top 10 or what really cool thing those Jersey Shore people were wearing in an episode most of us can at least get by, if […]

Ron Paul

Posted: 12th January 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I want to like that Ron Paul guy who is running for President again this year. Finishing 2nd in that New Hampshire place ain’t too shabby. He seems like someone I might wanna hang out with and after we got done playing some Modern Warfare 3 he could check my eyes to see if I […]