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“The Happy Xmas Episode” – It’s the Gala Spud Goodman Show Xmas Special featuring from MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, “A Very Drumpf Christmas”, WWE Hall of Famer and Author Mick Foley, “Saint Mick: My Journey From Hardcore Legend to Santa’s Jolly Elf” Musical Guests: Trees and Timber It’s TV on Radio! “The Happy […]

All of us have relatives or friends who seem to exist in their own private hemisphere. In fact we, me and you the reader just might spend most of our waking hours in that special place too where annoying facts we don’t especially embrace are not allowed entrance. Some would say this tendency is a […]

When the buzzer sounds and the clock reads 00:00 most people generally agree the game is over. Occasionally one can argue if maybe somebody scored right before or as time expired but nobody except psychopath’s will actually push for the game to keep going. That seems to be the case now with FOX NEWS and […]

Almost as popular as high fructose corn syrup was in years past, Fox News kinda owned cable news at one time in US history. I think they basically lapped the 2 other main competitors MSNBC and CNN in that first decade of the 2000’s and didn’t do too bad ratings wise in the first 8 […]

Some Say ……..

Posted: 28th October 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Doesn’t everyone know someone who just cannot keep a secret? You know, buddy (1) tells another buddy (2) 4 minutes ago that he sorta would like to hook up with another buddies (3) ex-girlfriend he just dumped when you get a call from buddy (4) who just read a text from buddy (2) and asks […]


Posted: 12th December 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I know I have typed a lot of words about the FOX NEWS Blondes in the past. By now everyone knows they are members of one of those experimental mega master races, way beyond Aryan as they were spawned by this guy named Edgar Winter, he played in some band back in the day. I […]