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I know the Fox Nation can smell blood in the water these days. I’m pretty sure they can even visualize a wounded Obama floating around in the open sea awaiting a great white to swoop in for a quick snack. As the elephant people have chanted “We Want A Do Over” from the day of […]

I have learned so much about life and stuff watching around 5 hours a day of cable TV news. All that loose information rolling around in my head is put to good use a few times a year and our POTUS’s recent State of The Union speech was one of those times. If I was […]

That button on the nuclear thingy got pushed so now it’s on I guess. It was just a matter of time. The food fights going down in the US Senate lunch room were getting out of control and something had to happen. I mean when a POTUS cannot get a new butler when he needs […]

Ok, before I begin I should maybe list some stuff that almost won the damn thing for the Mittster. First of all I started to get the willies on Sunday before Election Day when I saw the Marshall Tucker Band playing at one of his rallies. I knew when voters got to hear “Fire On […]

Some Say ……..

Posted: 28th October 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Doesn’t everyone know someone who just cannot keep a secret? You know, buddy (1) tells another buddy (2) 4 minutes ago that he sorta would like to hook up with another buddies (3) ex-girlfriend he just dumped when you get a call from buddy (4) who just read a text from buddy (2) and asks […]

I think I know why most older white dudes; especially those who haven’t spent any time in a fancy college classroom don’t much like Obama these days. It’s not real complicated and you don’t need to spend a butt load of dough on one of those freaking focus groups to understand it. Nope, the reason […]

Newt’s Photo Scam

Posted: 30th March 2012 by Spike Jensen in Uncategorized
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I admit I do have a few celebrity photos around my apartment. Some are kinda cool but most of them would be really, really embarrassing if anyone posted the evidence on Facebook or something. All of us know there are people (and I may or may not be one of those “people”) out there who […]

Are Republicans Dumb Or Just Stupid?

Posted: 18th September 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I know I’ve called Republicans all sorts of names before, even retarded which was a real cheap shot that I still feel bad about. I mean I’ve never met a retarded person who was anything like a republican. Have you ever hung out with them? These guys dig other people no matter who they are, […]

Obama’s Stolen Base

Posted: 9th August 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Have you ever been on a team where everyone made fun of your coach? People saying he was a total wuss. A wimp. A softy who would get rolled by a camp fire girl? Well, that’s the deal with us sorta Democrats and our Prez right now. It’s really embarrassing and I’m even thinking of […]