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Listen Now – (Aired 4-9-15) “The Laugh Track” episode featuring Actor/Comedian Kevin Nealon, Saturday Night Live, Weeds, Blended, Just Go With It. Comedian / Ralphie May, Austin-Tatious, Too Big To Ignore. Musical Guest: Q Dot. And don’t forget about The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on the Radio !!

All of us have relatives or friends who seem to exist in their own private hemisphere. In fact we, me and you the reader just might spend most of our waking hours in that special place too where annoying facts we don’t especially embrace are not allowed entrance. Some would say this tendency is a […]

They say politics is a lot like poker. Not one of those lame card game shows they used to put on cable TV 24/7 but real gambling. You win some and yeah you maybe lose some too but that is just part of the game. Our Prez rolled the dice with this sequester dealybob and […]

Now I know why all those dudes at the Republican convention had man crushes on that Paul Ryan guy. When Mitt Romney picked him as his VP I sorta yawned and said just another boring white guy but was I ever wrong on that one! Besides being really, really good looking he is a whole […]

Hide & Seek The Taxes

Posted: 9th August 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I get it that nobody wants to pay more taxes than they have to. But there is what I have to pay and what I have to pay if no one is looking. I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney right now really regrets what he actually paid cuz just about every person who is not a […]

I guess I just don’t get what a big deal this gay marriage thing is. The President of the United States stopped every cable tv and radio talk show dead when he just says “gay’s marrying each other is ok I guess if you’re into that scene.” Pretty much what me and just about any […]