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They say politics is a lot like poker. Not one of those lame card game shows they used to put on cable TV 24/7 but real gambling. You win some and yeah you maybe lose some too but that is just part of the game. Our Prez rolled the dice with this sequester dealybob and […]

Spike’s 2013 Wish List

Posted: 1st January 2013 by Spike Jensen in humor
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A new year is kind of a do over when the last 12 months were really horrible. Something about 12:01 am on Jan 1st, like the bills don’t seem such a big deal or maybe I just forget about them for a few hours, the records of the teams in my town don’t seem so […]

Are Republicans Dumb Or Just Stupid?

Posted: 18th September 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I know I’ve called Republicans all sorts of names before, even retarded which was a real cheap shot that I still feel bad about. I mean I’ve never met a retarded person who was anything like a republican. Have you ever hung out with them? These guys dig other people no matter who they are, […]

Ayn Rand Wasn’t Totally Mean & Selfish!

Posted: 24th May 2011 by Spike Jensen in humor
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I finally looked up this dead lady at the library I’ve been hearing about so much. Her name is Ayn Rand. Actually most of what I’ve heard about her is from this guy who stands outside of the 7-11 I buy most of my beer from. He usually has these hand made signs he holds […]