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The “Loyalty Pledge” Episode. Spud demands an on-air pledge of loyalty from show staff. Making The Spud Goodman Show Great Again! Featuring Comedian Jordan Klepper, Comedy Central The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, The Daily Show. Musician/Author Patty Schemel, “Hits So Hard” Drummer from Hole. Musical guest: Kye Alfred Hillig It’s TV on Radio! El episodio […]

“The Online Dating Episode” (Aired 10-13-16) Featuring Actor/Comedian Mark McKinney, Kids in the Hall, Superstore. Actress/Rapper Bre-Z, “Freda Gatz” on the Fox series Empire. Actor Atticus Shaffer, The Middle, Frankenweenie. Musical guest: Under Sin. Can Spud finally get a date? Tune in tonight. It’s TV On Radio!

“The Public Sector Food Critic Episode” (Aired 7-14-16) Featuring Comedian Jim Jefferies, Freedumb, Legit. Actor Burt Ward, “Robin” Batman, Gentle Giants Rescue. Actor Dash Mihok, “Bunchy” Ray Donovan, Silver Linings Playbook. Musical Guest: LocoMotive It’s TV on Radio!

“The Hair Transplant Episode” (Aired 10-29-15) Featuring Actor/Comedian Don Rickles “Mr. Warmth” Toy Story, Casino, Kelly’s Heroes, CPO Sharkey TV Show. Actor Dan Haggerty The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Easy Rider, Big Stan. Musical guest: The Salt Riot and let’s not forget about The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on Radio! […]

The 2 Year Anniversary Special (Aired 8-13-15) Featuring a butt load of guests from the entertainment industry that have appeared on our show, #TomArnold, #JimGaffigan, #FranDrescher, #GeorgeLopez, #J.B.Smoove, #ColinQuinn, #CarrotTop, #CheechMarin, #TommyChong, #ThomasLennon, #KevinNealon, #RichardLewis, #RobSchneider, #LisaLampanelli, #GilbertGottfried, #MarcMaron and others. The Musical guest is Hell Mary, check out her new release “Worship Games.” There’s […]

The Spud Goodman Radio Show presents “The Pregnancy Episode” (Aired 2-26-15) featuring actor/Director Shawn Wayans, Scary Movie, White Chicks. Actor/Comedian Christopher Titus, Titus, Bad Parents. Musical guest: Warning Danger. Don’t touch that mouse as immediately following it is The Post Show Report with Lawrence. It’s TV on the Radio….

The “Tax Inversion Episode.” You’ve seen him in Spider-Man 2, Queer as Folk (2000 TV series), Lab Rats, Talk Soup and Dude, Where’s My Car? Actor Hal Sparks. Also appearing on this episode is a punk rock bass genius from Minutemen and fIREHOSE, mike watt. Musical guest: Shotgun Kitchen. And don’t forget to hang around […]