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You just know when someone keeps raising the volume of their non-stop white noise to garner attention something icky is going to be communicated. The challenge regarding one Dr. Keith Ablow is sifting through the piles of refuse he has dumped on the general public via the Fox News & Fox Business channels along with […]

On the “Facial Hair Episode” Spud talks to The “Toastmaster General” from Comedy Central Roasts, writer/producer Jeffrey Ross. He used to be a VJ on MTV, coined the phrase “booty call”, acted in Any Given Sunday, and now hosts the game show Let’s Ask America, writer/comedian Bill Bellamy. Musical Guests: The Shaken Growlers. And don’t […]

I guess I get it. I mean I don’t really like to read about investments and commodity futures for fun. There are a ton of things that make me feel uncomfortable when it is brought up, for instance personal hygiene. Who wants to be told how to smell better? Or to look better? Especially when […]

I was having a tough time falling asleep last night until a sense of peace came over me, a feeling of satisfaction that I had just figured out something that has puzzled many, many Americans and really curious humans around the globe. I can’t lie, it felt pretty darn good to crack this case as […]

Limbaugh’s Porn

Posted: 6th March 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor, Uncategorized
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I get it. Rush was just trying to get his money’s worth. A full value deal. The dude has to own a butt load of stock in all of those health insurance companies that are being ordered to pay for free birth control pills now that the churches are saying not me. I mean if […]