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10. Marco Rubio US Senator (R) Florida – Boxed in with his anti-immigration babble the son of Cuban immigrants has no way out of the current GOP corn field maze he finds himself in. Good luck with that White House dream. 9. The Walking Dead season 5 (1st half) – Starting to find Rick a […]

I am guessing just about everyone dreams what it would be like to be someone who you think at that moment is leading a much cooler life than you. When I was little I would spend hours in deep sleep contemplating what it would be like to suit up and quarterback the Oakland Raiders. I […]

I have learned so much about life and stuff watching around 5 hours a day of cable TV news. All that loose information rolling around in my head is put to good use a few times a year and our POTUS’s recent State of The Union speech was one of those times. If I was […]

I was having a tough time falling asleep last night until a sense of peace came over me, a feeling of satisfaction that I had just figured out something that has puzzled many, many Americans and really curious humans around the globe. I can’t lie, it felt pretty darn good to crack this case as […]

Almost as popular as high fructose corn syrup was in years past, Fox News kinda owned cable news at one time in US history. I think they basically lapped the 2 other main competitors MSNBC and CNN in that first decade of the 2000’s and didn’t do too bad ratings wise in the first 8 […]

Some Say ……..

Posted: 28th October 2012 by Spike Jensen in humor
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Doesn’t everyone know someone who just cannot keep a secret? You know, buddy (1) tells another buddy (2) 4 minutes ago that he sorta would like to hook up with another buddies (3) ex-girlfriend he just dumped when you get a call from buddy (4) who just read a text from buddy (2) and asks […]